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Knit DC: Reminder! (and check your clocks, too!)

Just one last reminder:

Knit DC: Sunday Meetup
2 PM
White wine, cookies/nibbles, tea, diet cokes
Otherwise, BYO goodies!
(FYI: I own a dog and a cat. Both are well behaved.)

I'm willing to pick people up at 1:45 in front of the Woodley Park Metro- let me know if you'd like to do that!


Being Buddhist ruins everything!

Hi. Sorry I didn't say this when you sent the email, but I have plans this afternoon. All Souls Unitarian church in Columbia Heights is one of two North American hosts of a global meditation event that is the culmination of 12 days of focus on the U.S. elections, for an outcome that may create less suffering and movement to wisdom at a global level.
Also, if you're into that kind of thing, the DC Shambhala Center in Cleveland Parl will be open for meditation from Nov 4th at noon 'til Nov 5th at midnight.
My new mantra: om-bama.


Re: Being Buddhist ruins everything!

No problem. I'm also willing to do a super-casual, not-official Wednesday get together of Take-Out + Knitting + Bones & Top Chef if anyone's interested. :)

FWIW, I'm pagan, and I like to incorporate Mandalas into my house. (My bathroom one reads "We are the result of what we have thought.") Right now, I'm planning an ISW proposal for my school wherein we'd learn about mandalas and do a meditation/mandala creation activity and then spend the rest of the week doing colorwork based off the palette created by our piece: dying yarn, silk painting, pottery painting, and cotton painting. I guess it would be sort of like a mini-retreat from the world combined with crafts. :)

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